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The Burnaby Neighbourhood House is a place where families and individuals can come to get support and services; a place where new immigrants become connected and can find information and resources that will help them settle into their new community; where seniors and youth can gather; and where all these groups can come together in activities and events that aim to link generations and cultures to create a stronger community.

Community building is a common theme of Neighbourhood Houses where neighbours help neighbours. Volunteers, therefore, are an integral part of our Neighbourhood House.


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Income Tax Clinic 2018 is here!

Read our instructions below.

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Criteria of eligibility:
Single individual with an income of $30,000 or less per year.
Single Parent with an income of $35,000 or less per year.
A couple with an income of $40,000 or less per year.
For each dependent/child add $2500
The investment interest income should not exceed $1,000.
You must be a Member of Burnaby Neighbourhood House (BNH) and a Burnaby
We do not do:
 Income tax returns for a self-employed person.
 Income tax returns for persons who have claimed bankruptcy.
 Income tax returns for a deceased person.
 Income tax returns for persons who have capital gains (losses).
 Income tax returns for a person claiming employment expenses.
 Income tax returns for a person with business or rental income and expenses.
 Income tax returns for a family with foreign income or assets.
 Income tax returns for non-residents.

What documents to bring to your appointment, and what information you
have to know:
A personal photo ID card for each member of the family (including children and
dependants): Canadian Citizenship Card, PR Card, BC ID, BC Driver License, or BC
Social Insurance number for each family member.
All income tax slips (T4, T4A, T-5007 etc) and your notice of assessment for last year. If
you haven’t received all your tax forms for the year, please first get all your tax slips before
booking an appointment.
Medical expense receipts (receipts for prescribed medication or treatments).
Receipts for transit passes.
Receipts for child care services, day camps and resident camps where the primary goal of
the camp is to care for children.
All other receipts related to your income tax.
To file income tax returns for each member of the household who is
required to file a tax return:
Bring all tax slips, documents and receipts mentioned above.
Everyone filing must be present to file their taxes, except for children 18 and younger.
All family members are encouraged to file together, as it would make it easier and lessens
the amount of data needed to be entered. Appointments are 30 minutes for each file.
Families with dependents under 19 who have taxable income will need to bring their T4
Families claiming childcare expenses must have the receipts for payments. If the service
was provided by an individual, they must have name, address and social insurance
number of that individual.
Students who have paid tuition fees during the tax year will need to bring a copy of form
T2202A – Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate.
Who is providing this service?
 The clinic is run by volunteers with limited knowledge of taxation and some experience in
filing simple personal income tax returns.

Is there a fee for this service?
All tax services are free of charge, but you must be a member of the BNH. You have the
option to donate $5 or more to offset administrative costs. (cash or cheque only). Tax
receipts are issued for donations greater than $15.
Information That You Need To Know…
Do I Need To File A Tax Return?
All Canadian citizens and permanent residents (including people residing legally in Canada)
age 19 and over (with income or no income) have to file a Canadian income tax return for
each tax year in order to:
Pay the accurate amount of income tax owed or get back some of the income tax deducted
or working person tax credit.
Claim certain benefits, such as the GST/HST Credit, child tax benefit, universal childcare
subsidy, or Guaranteed Income Supplement under the Old Age Security Program.

The following is a list of some of the slips you may have received:
T5007 -Statement of Social Assistance payments or Disability Benefits.
T4 -Statement of Remuneration Paid.
T4A -Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income.
T4A(OAS) -Statement of Old Age Security.
T4A(P) -Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits.
T4E -Statement of Employment Insurance and Other Benefits.
T4RSP -Statement of RRSP Income.
RC62 -Universal Child Care Benefit statement.

Income Tax Clinics Locations and Time:
We will be running tax clinics at two locations in Burnaby:
South House: (Mons. and Sats.)
4460 Beresford Street
North House: (Tuesdays)
4908 Hastings Street (close to Delta Ave. and Hastings St)
(Access to parking from the alley and park in the angled parking spots.)

To book an appointment call us:
For South House: 604-431-0400 or North House: 604-294-5444


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