Volunteer with the Burnaby Neighbourhood House!

Volunteer to refresh old skills, gain new ones, meet new people, and make a difference in the community. Assist with or lead our programs & events!

Question? Please contact: Janice Ho, Coordinator of Volunteers and Community Programs

Email: janiceh@burnabynh.ca         

Phone: 604-294-5444

If you have questions regarding leading a community program, please contact Gisela Briceno, Community Engagement Supervisor

Email: volunteer@burnabynh.ca

Phone: 604-431-0400 Ext.128

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Seniors Programs

1). We are looking for individuals who enjoy working with Seniors (55+) who can lead social and recreational groups (in-person, on the phone, or over Zoom!), walks, or facilitate workshops. Times and days are flexible.

2). If you are comfortable with technology and want to teach older adults computer skills, come and join our Senior’s Tech Support program now. The program will start in September and training will take place this summer. 

3). TAPS (Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors) is a low cost social activity day program for Burnaby seniors. This is a 4 hour day program including lunch starting in July 2021. The program will involve socializing, games, lunch, education, and physical activity for seniors 55+. 

Digital Volunteers (In-Person)

We are looking for tech savvy, patient and multilingual individuals that are able to work one-on-one or in small groups with adult/senior learners. Volunteers need to be comfortable working in-person at both our south and north locations. Mondays 10am-12 pm (North House), Mondays 12- 2pm (South) – In-person and/or online and Thursdays 3-5pm (South).

Food bank or Food Distribution Volunteers

Do you have concerns about food security or want to help those in need with accessing free or affordable food? We are looking for individuals who can help sort, bag, store, shop and/or deliver food for isolated individuals and/or seniors living in Burnaby. Times and days are flexible.

Seniors Food Distribution

Do you have concerns about food security or want to help those in need with accessing free or affordable food? Our Seniors Food/Meal Delivery volunteers will deliver groceries and/or prepared meals to isolated seniors living in Burnaby. Wednesdays and Thursdays – time of day flexible. 

Literacy Now

If you are passionate or interested in increasing literacy in Burnaby there are several volunteer options available at this time. We are looking for Food Hub librarians, Online Outreach through Social media streams, and Working Task Groups that work to build and enhance literacy services, programs and networks in Burnaby.

Seniors Transportation

Are you interested in helping seniors and driving them to the appointment destinations? Burnaby Community Services is looking for responsible car owners who are willing to pick up senior clients at their residences and drive them to the dental and medical appointments throughout Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Vancouver. The driver may also help guide the client into the office and, if it is a round trip, wait for the client to drive them home. Note: this is a long-term role (at least 1 year) with mileage reimbursement.

Special events

Do you want to engage with others and practice your communication skills? Perhaps you enjoy busy environments and want to participate in community events. We are looking for volunteers to assist with upcoming events such as Hats off Day (Barricade attendants), Community BBQs, and summer events. Many of the events take place in the evenings and/or weekends.

Office Volunteers 

Do you want experience working in an office setting? Do you enjoy working with others or chatting with people? Or do you enjoy sorting and organizing information? We are looking for office volunteers to help out at our South and North offices once a week for 3 hours.

Friendly Phone Call

Love to socialise and prefer flexibility of volunteering? We are looking for individuals to make weekly calls to isolated seniors. In the friendly phone call program, we pair volunteers with seniors to have weekly phone calls to show care. Even remotely, you can make a difference by helping seniors feeling a sense of community and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness! Times and days are flexible.

Senior Peer Support

Are you 55+ and interested in helping others? As a senior peer support volunteer, you provide one-on-one support and guidance to a fellow senior through challenging times in their lives. You will receive 50 hours of online training before starting your role (every Wednesday starting March 23). 

Community Program Facilitator

If you enjoy bringing people together to learn and connect, the Community Program Facilitator volunteer role is the opportunity you were looking for. The Community Program Facilitator will design, develop, and implement an engaging program where participants will learn and develop skills, connect with each other, and build vibrant communities together. Times and days are flexible.

The time commitment will be 2-3 hours per week, to prepare and lead the sessions.  

EAL Teacher Volunteers

We are seeking enthusiastic volunteers to teach or assist community based EAL classes for adults for the following online classes: Tuesday 6-7pm (Beginners’ class), Thursday 1-2pm (Intermediate class)

Repair Café

If you can fix small appliances, woodwork, electronics, jewelry, clothes, bikes, and others. Come and get involved at BNH’s first Repair Cafés! 

Meals On Wheels: 

1) Depot Driver: We need a volunteer to come into our office to pick up our Meals on Wheels minivan and take our delivery containers out to our caterer in Richmond (Bridgeport area) to pick up Western meals from our caterer. Mondays 7:45am-9:45am

2) Route Delivery Drivers: We need volunteers on a regular weekly, or on-call basis to come with their vehicle to our offices by Brentwood mall to pick up meals and deliver to clients on one of our routes in Burnaby. Wednesdays or Fridays 10:30-12:30 (on-call)

3) Delivery Box Cleaner: We need a volunteer to come in to our kitchen to clean, sanitize and organize our meal delivery containers. Wednesdays or Fridays from 1pm-3pm

How to become a volunteer?

1) Volunteer application form: 

    • Please complete the application form on our new volunteer software, Better Impact.
    • If you are an adult over 19, click here 
    • If you are a youth under 19, click here
    • Already have a Better Impact account? Log in at: https://app.betterimpact.com/Login/Login 
    • You can also install the BetterImpact app on your phone here

*If you have any questions regarding your BetterImpact account or the application, please contact Carina Fu, Administrative Assistant at voladmin@burnabynh.ca

2) Informal Interview (10 minute interview):

    • After submitting your form on BetterImpact, you will be prompted to book a quick informal interview with us by emailing janiceh@burnabynh.ca your availability between Mondays to Thursdays. This is so we get to know a bit more about you, your interests and skills, and help you find the right volunteer opportunity match.

3) Cleared criminal check:

    • After your volunteer interview, you will be sent either a link or a letter to obtain a free criminal record check.

4) Reference check:

    • We will contact your non-family reference (friend, neighbour, classmate, or colleague) listed in your application. If possible, please provide their email as it helps expedite the process.

5) Volunteer orientation (30 minutes):

    • Online orientations will be conducted online. Once you complete your interview, a sign up link will be sent to you.

6) Signed understanding of policies and procedures

    • Completed at the orientation.

7) Photo:

    • Upload your photo onto the Better Impact site when you create your volunteer account.

We apologize for the long list of items, but we want applicants to fully understand the volunteer application process in the beginning. We look forward to welcoming you to our Volunteer Team!

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