Youth Leadership

Leadership is a program for high school students which gives participants an opportunity to learn leadership skills, such as problem solving, group dynamics, and risk management, and then puts these new skills into practice by having individuals volunteer in programs with children and community projects. Each year we offer 3 levels of Leadership training for youth in our community. This program has steadily been growing since it was first offered in 2000. The purpose of this multi-level program is to enable the youth to grow and gain a variety of skills and responsibilities as they progress throughout the program. The goal of our Leadership programs is to provide opportunities for our youth to learn job-ready skills and to help them to see their role as leaders in their community. We seek to involve youth from a variety of backgrounds and cultures who haven’t been involved in a leadership program. We have opportunities for youth from grade eight, right through to university. There are currently three levels of Leadership Training offered at our Neighbourhood House: Foundations of Leadership for grades 8 or 9, Leadership Level 1 for students grades 10 or 11, and Leadership Level 2 forstudents grade 11 or 12.

Foundations of  Leadership

This program is for: Youth who are going into or currently in Grade 8 or 9.

Program start: Year round, with the exception of August.

Days and times: weekly 3:45-6pm, with the exception of special events.

Location: Burnaby Neighbourhood House.

Brief Description: This program is for student interested in volunteering and learning more about how to be a leader in their community. Each week they will be introduced to a new skills and have opportunities to expand their leadership qualities. The group works together and  volunteers at different locations within the community. They will also be given the chance to go on out-trips just for fun.

Leadership 1

This program is for: Students Grade 10 -11 Program Duration: October 2015- June 2016, January- August 2016.

Days and times: Tuesday evening 5:30-7:30.

Location: Burnaby Neighbourhood House

Brief Description: A community leadership training program developed for local high school youth that focuses on skill development in both group and individual situations. About 15-20 students in Grade 10 and 11 are recruited from local high schools for Leadership 1. Each week they learn valuable skills to expand their leadership qualities. This level requires a greater time commitment from the youth allowing them to spend time using their newly learned skills with children in daycare or after-school programs. The group volunteers in a mini practicum in our daycare locations and does 1 full week in the summer in one of our day camps. In addition to the volunteering in the daycare locations, they are given opportunities to volunteer in various events in the community.  This program is also a way for youth to gaining their career prep hours for graduation.

Leadership 2 – Community and Special Events Program.

This program is for: Students Grade 11 or 12

Program start: October 2015

Program end: May 2016

Days and times: Mondays 5pm-7pm, with the exception of special events

Location: Burnaby Neighbourhood House

Brief Description: An advanced leadership training program for youth who are in grade 11 or 12. The focus of this level is on being a change agent within and outside the community, by observing and recognizing ways to be involved in the immediate and long-term needs of the community. It is our desire to establish an awareness and understanding of non-profits agencies, their role, function and significance within Burnaby. Leadership 2 emphasizes leadership through Fundraising, Event Planning and Management. The learning structure will be similar to that of a committee and self governed with guidance and supervision from our trained staff. It is our goal to cultivate Leadership and employment readiness skills which are transferable to the many areas of the youth’s lives. To register for the Youth Leadership Program please download the application form, and email it to Youth Leadership, or contact Marleen the Youth Leadership Program Coordinator at 604-431-0400.

Events Organized by Youth Leadership Participants

The Harlem Shake is an internet video sensation in which a group of people perform a comedy sketch accompanied by a short excerpt from the song by Baauer called ‘Harlem Shake’.  The BNH Leadership 2 youth shared a lot of laughter in the making of our BNH Harlem Shake.  The purpose is really just for fun and to help build the feeling of unity and friendship amongst the youth in the leadership group. At the same time, it promotes a sense of global solidarity since 1000’s of these Harlem Shake videos were uploaded to YouTube from all around the world at the height of it’s popularity.


Kelsey MacDougallMarch 25, 2015 at 2:05 pmReply

Hi there,
I am wondering about the leadership program for grade 8’s & 9’s. I am currently working with a client who is in grade 9 being home schooled and is very interested in meeting youth her age in the community and gaining some volunteer experience. Is she able to join the program this late in the year? Also, we are wondering if you have to do the first one to get into Leadship 1, or would she be able to join if things didn’t work out for this year? If she is able to do Leadership 1 next year is there a deadline to apply to be involved in the program?

Thanks for your time!

Kelsey MacDougall
Child and Family Counsellor
604-436-9449 ext 235

BurnabyNHMarch 25, 2015 at 2:49 pmReply

Hi Kelsey,

I have forwarded your inquiry to Marleen the Youth Program Coordinator at Burnaby Neighbourhood House. She will answer your inquiry. If you don’t hear from her soon, you may want to follow up with her at

Christian WiensMay 25, 2015 at 2:52 pmReply

I am interested in joining the youth program. I am currently in Grade 9.
Any of the programs would be most enjoyable
Thank you

BurnabyNHMay 28, 2015 at 2:06 pmReply


Please send your written request to Marleen the BNH Youth Coordinator at

LauraJune 28, 2017 at 3:47 pmReply


My daughter is going to grade 8 in September. How to register for the Foundations of Leadership program.


LydiaSeptember 17, 2021 at 10:40 amReply

My son is in Grade 8, I would like to learn more about your program – Foundation in Leadership.

Thank you