Benefit from work-ready employees without the added vetting and hiring costsand also give a young person in the community an opportunity to grow!

We know that managing a business is no easy feat; You are making important decisions every day. So, our Youth Employment program has made it very easy for businesses like yours to hire a young person, with minimal risks and costs for you. Here’s how we do it..

Who are we?

The Youth Employment Program is a professional and employability skills development program for youth aged 16 to 30 who are facing certain barriers to employment. It is fully funded by The Government of Canada and hosted by the Burnaby Neighbourhood House.

How will you benefit? 

    • The youth you hire will have access to 8 weeks of full-time wage subsidies. This totals $16.75/hr for 35 hours a week.
        • During these 8 weeks, you will only be responsible for “MERC” (Mandatory Employee Related Costs) and any additional wages you choose to offer. 
        • The youth would be hired on to your team and be your employee with a Memo of Understanding, and you will receive wage reimbursements directly from the Burnaby Neighbourhood House.
    • You are not contractually obligated to complete the full 8 weeks. If for any reason this is no longer possible, or the client is not meeting the required expectations, you are welcome to terminate employment.
    • During the 8 weeks, we will be available to you for any concerns or questions, including if further coaching is needed. We will act as a liaison, to ensure that all parties are getting the support they need.
    • The youth you hire will have completed 3 weeks of comprehensive, full-time training, on topics such as interpersonal skills, effective communication, creative problem-solving and critical thinking, tools for managing stress, networking, time management and more. 
    • You will be able to see a resume and cover letter as well as conduct your own interview, as you see fit.

Our goal is to find work placements where our youth will be able to continue on after the 8 weeks but if you are only able to provide the short term, we are still very interested, as getting hands on experience, networking and solid references is the stepping stone we all need to make it to that next big step.

If you are interested in partnering with us, or have any further questions, please contact our Employment Coordinator, Blenn Dioces, at or call 236-889-4065.
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