A strong community includes a sustainable and just food system and food security for all people. This Burnaby Community Food Charter shares a vision of that future. It includes the values and commitment to get us there. We believe that food is a universal human right.

All community organizations, private businesses, educational institutions, or government can sign the Burnaby Community Food Charter. Those who sign this charter commit to creating sustainable food systems and food security in Burnaby.


The Burnaby and New Westminster Food Asset Map below is a custom-built Google Map. The map outlines all known resources, organizations and other assets within Burnaby and New Westminster which are contributing to the food security of the area. To access the full map with an information menu, press the square outline button on the top right of the map below.

The map can be navigated in the same way any google map is navigated, with a scroll to zoom function, click and drag to navigate around and double click to expand information. On the left side is a menu which can be accessed by selecting the menu icon in the upper left corner. The menu outlines the core categories and types for food assets, and the most up-to-date lists of assets.

Requesting a change or addition to the map

Is there something missing from the map? Or perhaps an inaccuracy in a program or service you are familiar with? This map requires input from the community to ensure it is up to date and able to serve those who need it best. There are a few pieces of information which will help make an addition to the map:

1. The name of the program, service, company, or organization

2. The exact location, whether it’s an address, GPS coordinates or intersection

3. The category and type the asset belongs in, refer to map menu for complete list

4. Any additional info such as; contact info, hours of operation, specific service details etc.

To make an update or change to the map, send as much of the above information as possible to northinfo@burnabynh.ca or call (604) 294-5444.

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