Staff and Board

The Burnaby Neighbourhood House has an active Board with several working committees such as a Strategic Directions Committee, Personnel and Policy Committee, Finance Committee, and a Fundraising Committee. We currently employ 36 full-time staff, 72 part-time staff, and several other staff who are employed on a temporary, seasonal basis. In addition, we have an active volunteer base.

Board of Directors 2019-2020:

  • Ernie Kashima
    Board Chair
  • Colette Babinszki
    Vice Chair
    Policy & Personnel Chair
  • Sue Cheung
    Fundraising Chair
  • Dave Fairhall
    Finance Chair
  • Antonio Simoes
    Board Member
  • Ronaldo Carcellar
    Board Member
  • Sue Montabello
    North House Chair
  • Sanan Hassan
    Board Member
  • Jennifer Lyle
    North House Chair
  • Ted Wiens
    Board Member
  • Shyam Sandhu
    Board Member
  • Kevin Rakhra
    Board Member
  • Antonia Beck
    Executive Director

Management Team:

Executive Director Antonia Beck
Program Director Kimberly Barwich
Program Director Sara Shaw
Program Director Simone Brandl
Office Manager Lisa Falconbridge
Finance Manager Lillian Qiao