This is your community.

Help us keep the lights on.

This holiday season, Burnaby Neighbourhood House is encouraging residents to help us keep the lights on here at both North House and South House. Every donation turns on a light at the Burnaby Neighbourhood House.

Between November 27th to December 31st, every donation will turn on a light at the North House and South House store fronts. Residents walking or cars driving by will be able to see lights as they go by. Our goal? 10,000 lights to keep the programs in place.

Throughout the month, we will also be sharing stories of kindness our staff, volunteers, and program participants have received since coming to the Burnaby Neighbourhood House. We encourage you to also do the same.

Let’s not keep these programs in the dark. Light up the rooms and create connections with your neighhbours.

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What takes place at the Burnaby Neighbourhood House?

We are a welcoming place for our neighbours.
We are a place for youth.
We are a Community Food Hub.
We are a place where art can thrive.
We are a place of learning.
We are a place that celebrates cultural diversity.
We are a place to meet neighbours.
We are a place for families.

Share your stories of kindness in your community!

Tag us @SBurnabyNH or @NorthBNH with hashtag #weareneighbours

What we’ve heard so far…

From a mom to a busy toddler and a baby:

“It can be isolating, sometimes, to be a parent to little ones. While I was on maternity leave, we always looked forward to our Tuesdays at the North House. My son loved going, and it helped me by offering a kid-friendly space where I could get out of the house and connect with other parents."

From a line-dance volunteer instructor:

“I found a space where I was encouraged to teach dance classes as a volunteer. The classes were free and as I got to know the group, I began to see the impact I was having on people. Some of the dancers could not afford dance lessons and some were absolute beginners. You can imagine how proud I was when they finished an entire dance sequence. Even my husband joined my class! I never imagined that my retirement would be so joyful!"

An SFU student volunteering at the computer cafe:

“Seniors have decades of wisdom more than me, they have memories and know the world as it really is. I just love to listen to their stories. I found that working with seniors helps me to learn how to explain new concepts, how to be clear in explaining new technologies…and what is surprising, it also helped me to be more proficient in interviews, because seniors are constantly asking unexpected questions."