Youth: Future Leaders (Spring 2020) Training

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Do you want to work with kids and get credit towards graduation?

This program is designed for youth to develop leadership skill specifically through a practicum working with children in a childcare setting; planning games and activities for kids and being strong mentors. This leadership opportunity requires a significant time commitment from students, allowing them to spend time using their newly learned skills with children in our School Aged Child Care Centres. It is also a way for youth to complete the required “Career Prep” hours for high school graduation.

25 Training hrs |30 hrs in Day Camp | 20 hrs in School Age Child Care | 5 Hrs of Community events volunteering
Future Leaders emphasizes leadership through one of: fundraising, mentorship of younger youth by the youth volunteers or community volunteering. Although the three paths are mostly based on the youth’s goal and passion, the youth staff are there to guide them every step of the way.

Youth will also gain leadership and employment readiness skills which will be beneficial to many areas of their futures such as post-secondary/scholarship applications and job placement and financial literacy.

Join us for Future Leaders (Spring 2020) Training by asking your Career Education Advisor for the registration package or email: