Letter to Members

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Letter to Members

June 20, 2014

Dear Neighbourhood House member:

We did it!  After 15 years of establishing the South Burnaby Neighbourhood House we will be moving into a purpose built facility September 1, 2014.  We are very grateful to the City of Burnaby who negotiated this space with Intracorp, who designed and built our new home.  It is truly a beautiful space where our neighbours will be able to gather, receive support, get involved and make a difference in our community.

We are now faced with the expense of moving and furnishing our new home. We are so excited that our 9000 square foot home will include:

  • A Welcoming reception with community information boards where neighbours can drop by for a coffee
  • A program room with community access computers
  • A commercial kitchen
  • A banquet room that will seat 100
  • A family resource room for our family drop in
  • A program room for seniors and youth
  • Private and open offices for our staff and volunteers to utilize

Not everyone will be in a position to give, but for those who are, we need the financial help now more than ever as we create a new comfortable home for the Burnaby Neighbourhood House.  You will have recently received our latest newsletter which provided you with an update on our recent developments.  You will see that we have been busy!

Please help us to help our community.  Make us your charity of choice this year. Financial contributions no matter how big or small will help up us realize our dream of a fully furnished Neighbourhood House.  If you have a family member or know a business owner who wants to help, please let them know how important the Neighbourhood House is to you and ask them to make a donation.  As a charity we are able to issue tax deductible receipts.

If you can help us please complete the bottom portion of this letter and mail or drop off at the Neighbourhood House.   We look forward to celebrating with you!



Antonia Beck

Executive Director

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