Anna Tsybulnyk


Anna Tsybulnyk is a young artist of 20 years old. Since her early childhood, she started going to Kharkiv State School of Art back at her home country, Ukraine. After moving to Canada, Anna continued to study Art at Shadbolt Centre, as well as taking private art classes at Vancouver Fine Art Atelier. She experimented with a variety of materials and paints such as acrylic, oil, pastels, and watercolours, creating numerous pieces inspired by classical art and Ukrainian fairy tales, up to Canadian landscapes. Money made at the Art Crawl would go towards Anna’s further education at Capilano University Graphic design and illustration program.


Sharon Steele


Born and raised in Vancouver, Sharon, now a long time Burnaby resident, has been honing her passion in photography for over 25 years. Her friends are always amazed that a simple walk down the street can yield a unique and fresh perspective in her photographs. She combines Contemplative (Miksang) and street photography has allowed her to share parts of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland that is often overlooked by others but cherished by those who are familiar with her unique perspective and viewpoint. 

She is also a regular contributor to Exclaim and Vancouver Weekly magazines, as she is active in concert photography as well, being published in several books, such as Devo’s book “Unmasked/The band”, and her photo was used for Art Bergmann’s album cover – “Remember her name”, to name a few.

She continues to extend her love of photography with portraiture, lighting and form in her studio work and urban photography.


Akemi Ito


Akemi (Emma) Ito is a mixed media illustrator and picture book maker. Originally from Japan, and now living on the West Coast of Canada, her creative style and drawings are influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures. She works in watercolor, pen and ink and colored pencils. Her favorite lunch ritual involves coffee and a daily sketch. She has been an active member of SCBWI ( Society of Children’s Book Writers and illustrators ) since 2014.



Iris Mes Low


Dutch-born, Canadian artist Iris Mes Low takes the vibrant colours and slow graceful lines of the landscape surrounding her and translates them from fluid and ever-changing memory into her oil paintings. Her work is a meeting place for the abstract and the real with a surrealistic quality.
Her landscapes are an idealized concept; an allegorical approach to humanity. Smoothing and idealizing the landscape in a naïef manner.




Dawn Livera


Dawn Livera: is a textile and mixed media artist based in North Burnaby who believes that “there are no mistakes”. Dawn feels that making art should not be the private domain of the “talented” or “learned” few. Rather, everyone should feel free to explore their own creativity without worrying about whether their art is “good enough”.




Ninna Snider


I have been creatively ‘muckin about’ with clay for over 20 years. I describe my work as mostly functional stoneware pottery with an eclectic style and a splash of whimsy and fun. I own a small local artisan gift gallery in Burnaby called Muckabout where I continue to explore pottery and many other mixed media arts and craft, while also sharing my love for clay by teaching clay and mixed media workshops.





Beatrix Schalk


Beatrix has been creating in a variety of mediums, from paint and ceramics to mixed media installation and set design for as long as she can remember. She attended Emily Carr University, earning a Diploma of Fine Art and BCIT for Interior Design and now works in the film industry as a Set Designer and Assistant Art Director. 
Having been born and raised on the west coast, she is heavily influenced by the colours, forms and moods of the landscape. Beatrix’s current explorations in mixed media collage and intuitive, non-objective mark-making is a reflection of her love of abstract expressionism and the antithesis to her day job working in the film industry.


Santhe LeBlanc


Santhe has been painting in acrylics and oils since 1993. Inspired by local landscapes, she attempts to capture the expressive qualities of changing light and its effects on the environment. Her work is inspired by her immediate surroundings, including the summer wildfires, ocean vistas, and rolling cloud formations. Her passion for conceptual art and the creative thinking process is visible in her teaching and some of her earlier Master’s work. She is a wife and mother to two girls.



Maria Janicki


Maria Janicki is a local educator who was born in Montreal and moved to Metro Vancouver 30 years ago to complete graduate degrees in Psychology at SFU. Photography has been a creative outlet for Maria since she was a child. Photography brings her joy, challenges her, and makes her see the world in different ways. She enjoys trying to capture a magical moment with her camera, as well as working to develop her artistic vision through post processing. That’s when she has the most fun being creative!




Hanieh Khakbiz


Hanieh Khakbiz was born in 1983 in Tehran an has been painting since she was very young. 
From 1997 up until her move to Canada in 2008, she learned painting from Iranian contemporary artist Taha Behbahani. She has granted her Bachelor of fine arts back home in Iran.
She is practicing and sharing her love of art with young children. Hanieh works primarily in oil but uses a variety of mediums, including acrylic and watercolours, with a focus on women’s faces and figures. “I use the visual softness of oil colours; it is my love for the bright and shiny colours that drives them into my palette and helps me show the warmth, strength, delicacy and many 
other aspects of a woman,” Hanieh said in an artist’s statement. Hanieh notes she has always been intrigued by people’s reactions to her paintings. “As the years go by, I have come to realize that, no matter what I endeavour to express in the pictures, viewers’ feelings and emotions depend on their own personal matters,” she said. “The only thing I have been trying to do the most is to make people feel good, positive and pleased when they stand in front of my artwork.”


Carolyn Sullivan


Colour is a delight to explore with… I’m drawn to photographing colours in our world, the beautiful colours of nature, florals, water and sunsets. I do notice colours from the environment of the Urban City to the Sunsets, and I’m attracted to the local colours of the countries and cities that I travel to. I continue to use colour as my starting point once I have photographed my images, either by enhancing it more, or sometimes even reducing it. I also like to manipulate the colours with enhancement filters to achieve a surreal effect or switch to Black and White for attention. I even enjoy adding splashes of paint on my work, creating mixed media pieces.


Anna Beaudry


Anna Beaudry is primarily a Commercial and Corporate Photographer who transforms ideas into award winning, brand strengthening images for Canadian and international companies. But she also loves to create art pieces!

Romanced by the infinite qualities of light and influenced by strong design elements, Anna brings several distinctions to her work: Accredited, Certified and Master Photographer.




Bill Thomson


Bill is a practising artist with a wide range of art making skills in the plastic arts and extensive community development and art project experience. He is a past director of the Burnaby Arts Council and currently sits on the board of the Sculptors’ Society of BC. Bill has numerous art exhibitions to his credit.





Jennie Johnston


Jennie grew up in rural Quebec and has a Fine Arts Degree from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Her work studies the human condition as it relates to nature, social justice and ancestry.  
On the journey to find her artistic voice she began combining traditional craft techniques like embroidery and quilting with painting and fabric design. Over the course of the 2017-2018 school year Jennie was Artist-In-Residence at Forest Grove Elementary school in Burnaby. During the residency over 300 students worked to create 5 unique quilts and learn traditional and artistic textile skills. In the fall of 2018 her first solo show entitled Commonalities: Our Relationship with Crows debuted in Burnaby. Her work is featured alongside other Western Canadian artists in the beautiful Imago Mundi Oh West Canada! Book and has been shown in group shows in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, the U.S. and Italy.



Ana-Francisca Haas 


Ana-Francisca Haas started drawing as soon as she held her first pencil. At the age of 9, part of a children’s show, she had her first artwork in a gallery – it was a painting of a pig on a farm. She won two art prizes in grade 12, but went on to study mathematics at Simon Fraser University. Afterwards, she worked as a programmer during the day, but experimented with inks, charcoal, oils, acrylics and watercolours during her free time. She also attended life drawing classes at community centres. As a young adult she found inspiration in Dali’s work and artists she met online and created mostly surreal art. After the births of her sons, she discovered a passion for portraits in watercolour.


Amal Rashed


Moly is the artist’s nickname, which is also used by her to sign all her paintings, if you are interested, the real name is Amal.

Moly’s journey with painting and drawing started since she was a child as she grew up in a home that was full of her father’s paintings. Moly started to draw portraits for everyone in her family and for her friends using pencil shades. One day her school teacher gifted her oil paintings kit as a recognition for her talent, since then, her passion of oil paintings has begun.

Moly is inspired by her surroundings, she always captures faces, nature, colors and lights by her camera and reflects in her paintings, where she creates a world where light-heartedness rules and where rules are undermined.

In her works, the artist uses various overlapping themes and strategies and always opens to new concepts and various aspects of painting. Moly chose Vancouver, BC as her home. She participated in different exhibitions in and outside Canada, and she is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists



Grant Withers


Grant is an accredited professional photographer and Craftsman of Photographic Arts with the Professional Photographers of Canada. He has shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions and his art is in private collections and the PPOC Loan Collection which showcases the best of Canadian photography each year. Grant is an avid supporter of the arts in his community.

Shooting since he was a teenager armed with his father’s Pentax SLR he fell in love with B&W darkroom work and Kodachrome 64. Now he embraces the creative potential of the digital darkroom and has developed a reputation for his revolutionary shooting and presentation techniques which challenge conventional definitions of photography. Grant is always pushing his craft, striving to be a leader in Canadian photographic art. 

Grant lives with his wife and daughter near Vancouver, British Columbia on Canada’s beautiful west coast. See his globally inspired art at


Wenyan Xu


 Wenyan Xu, (Jade), bore in Xi’an, Shannxi Province, China. Chinese ink painting artist. The member of Shannxi Artist’s Association, an academician of Shannxi Changan Arts Academy.The main sponsor of Xiaohuan arts studio and Xuyisheng arts studio. I was taught to paint Chinese painting by my father, a famous and excellent Chinese artist when I was a little girl. My art pieces were exhibited at home and abroad, also were collected by many people.