Jan 31: Art Wall Open House – Sunrise in the Closet

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15 years ago, Lilly Em landed on these unceded shores with a paint-splattered rucksack, a mouthful of stories, and a clearly drawn treasure map pointing towards the perfect sunrise. Of course, nothing went according to plan, but plans are overrated and after countless creative translations, a menagerie of new friends, and an uncertain fault line of hope, Lilly is still trying.

For the New Year we dusted off Lilly’s Illustrations from 6 unpublished books and hung them up. Can you guess the stories? What are the main character’s names, ages, even what do they eat for breakfast? Help us rewrite these adventures.

Come join us for the Open House on Friday, January 31, 6-8 pm at BNH North House (4908 Hastings Street)!