Fundraising and project development are essential to the continued growth and development of the Burnaby Neighbourhood House. Although some limited financial support is received from various government ministries, the majority of our revenues come from user fees, donations, and our fundraising efforts.

A fundraising committee is comprised of dedicated community members who volunteer their time to help raise money for the neighbourhood house.

Annual fundraising Activities include:

Annual Diamond Ball Fundraising Dinner

The Diamond Ball is an exciting fundraising event held once a year in February.  Each year the Diamond Ball has a different theme, and includes an auction, dinner, show and diamond draw.

Diamond Ball 2014: 10th Anniversary of Diamond Ball Gala

THANK you to all our kind sponsors for your generosity and support. YOU made the 2014 10th anniversary
diamond ball gala a succesS!

See the pictures for this Gala Fundraising Event.

Diamond Ball 2013: Under Sea Fantasy

See the pictures for this Gala Fundraising Event.


If you are interested in helping SBNH fundraise, please contact us.